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Best Burger in America


American Brass is the type of Long Island City restaurant where you want to step out of your comfort zone and put your trust in the Chef. You can try a dish here that you might not normally go for, and you will absolutely be blown away. That being said, if you just want comfort food, we have the best burger in America. This is of course only our opinion, but we have not had a single guest disagree with our assessment thus far! 

When Chef Kevin first joined our team, he said our burger was good for a pedestrian burger. This blew our minds because we really loved our burger. A few days later we were sitting down for a tasting where he presented the new rendition of the American Brass burger. Chef Kevin baked the bread, he made the pickles, he created a bacon jam, he whipped up a dijon aioli, and married it to the best dry aged patty from the best butcher in NYC (he also blended wagyu steak to it).  Our minds were totally blown and no other burger has since been able to stack up. Also somehow his fries are just better than everyone else's. Let us know when you try this for yourself! 

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